Every year the Festival Européen presents an unpublished, young, rising star of BD.

  • Ood SERRIERE was the Junior patron of the first festival in 2008. She has since published her first album with publishing house Soleil (Sweety Sorcellerie) and is now working on a new album with Crisse.
  • Noémie WEBER was the Swiss junior patron of the second festival in 2009. She has now realised her first comic strip and was shortlisted in the competition for young talent at ANGOULEME 2010.

This supporting step is doubly enriching, for our Junior Patron on one hand, who can thus exhibit their work, and for the public on the other, who can discover rich new work before everyone else.


Self published “In de vleestuin” in 2003, which was noted at the time. She then met the Mycose collective, and participated in several fanzines, to finally publish “Les heures de verre” with publishers Cinquième Couche in 2005, in which we discover an atmosphere both delicate and fierce at the same time. Her drawings of plentiful décor and frail feminine forms are evidently elegant accompanied by a rich narrative work that defines the Alice Lorenzi’s style, which we are happy and proud to discover.

This year out Junior Patron is Alice Lorenzi, born in Liège in 1978, where she still resides.