Régis Loisel was born on 4 December 1951 in Deux-Sèvres and published his first strip in 1972 in « Les Pieds Nickelés magazine ».

Some years later, he met Serge Le Tendre who shared his idea for « La Quête de l’oiseau du temps ». Their meeting with Rodolphe enabled them to publish two series of six strips in « Imagine » magazine.

After several graphics jobs and the release of « Jonas Folies », « La Quête » was pre-published in « Charlie » before appearring as an album in 1983 with the first title « La conque de Ramor ». It was a revolution in the area of heroic fantasy which would go from strength to strength with the following three albums « Le temple de l’oubli » in1984, « Le Rige » the year after and finally « L’œuf des ténèbres » in 1987.

Far from resting on his laurels, Serge illustrated some erotic texts in « troubles fêtes » before starting his « Peter Pan ». The adaptation of the work by JM Barrie started with « Londres » in 1990 finishing 14 years later with the sixth volume « Destins ». I is a masterpiece. During these years, not content to work on just « Peter Pan ». The new series « Avant la Quête de l’oiseau du temps » eas devised by his accomplice Serge Le Tendre. It would be drawn by many authors including Lidwine, Mohamed Aouamri and recently Vincent Mallié for the third saga.

He has also illustrated « La dernière goutte est toujours pour le slip » based on the texts of Georges Philippe Taladiart as well as « Norbert le lézard » and « Mali, mélo » with Patrick Cothias writing the scenario. He also wrote scenarios to give life to work such as « Pyrénée » drawn by Philippe Sternis, « Fanfreluches pour une sirène » with Christine Oudot or again « Les Farfelingues » that he co-wrote with Pierre Guilmard.

Looking for new challenges, he collaborated perfectly in writing and illustration with Jean-Louis Tripp in the realisation of « Marie », the first volumeof « Magasin Général ». The story takes us to a Quebecois hamlet in the 1920’s where vivid characters bare their souls. It’s full of emotion and quite simply beautiful.

At the end of 2010 the sixth album in the series was published « Ernest Latulippe ».

Recently he has also co-written with Djian « Le grand mort » drawn by Vincent Mallié.

This is an author of the highest regard who received the Grand Prix at Angouleme in 2003.

We are of course very proud to announce him as our guest of honour at Strasbulles 2011.

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