F’murrr is one of the great creators of the 9th art that defined the 1970s. Born in March 1946, he studied applied arts before joining the studios of Raymond Poïvet where free and adult comic-strip took off. Alongside Mandryka who took him to meet Goscinny. As such he took part from issue 71 of « Pilote » in which he published « Contes à rebours » (twisted tales) that one can find in the album « Au loup ! » initially appearring under the « Minoustchine » imprint.

In 1973 he started the « Génie des alpages » (Genie of the high pastures) stories which would be published in album form by « Dargaud » from1976. This series, where nonsense battles with the absurd, remains the reference piece for the artist. But his talent and capacity for creativity led him to develop some middle-aged tales and parodies. After « Porfirio et Gabriel » appearring in « Le canard sauvage » (Wild Duck) then in « Circus », he created « Jehanne d’Arc » for « Métal hurlant » (Heavy Metal). He also took part in « A suivre » (to be continued) et « Fluide glacial » journals for which he drew « Robin des Boîtes » (a play on ‘Robin Hood’) before becoming interested in the war in Afghanistan which he parodied in « Le char de l’état dérape sur le sentier de la guerre » (the state tank skids on the road to war) published in album form in 1987 with Vertige Graphic.

Also of note was the appearrance in 1979 of « Vingt dieux c’est le synode » (twenty gods make a synod) and of the album « Le petit tarot de F’murrr » 1984. He did a piece for the 50 years of Spirou at the festival of Longwy introducing us to « Spirella mangeuse d’écureuils » (Spirella the squirrel eater) published in 1988.

« Le pauvre chevalier » (the poor knight) appearred at the beginning of the 90s followed by the album « Les aveugles » (the blind) as such a collection « Eloge de la pentitude » (Eulogy of the slopes) in which ‘the high pastures’ are honnored.

In 2008 a best of selection of the « Génie des alpages » was collated in a « Bêêêêstes of », letting us rediscover the best moments from his crazy sheep stories.

This multitalented artist does us an honour, after diligent presence during the first two festivals, to be the sponsor and realiser of the poster for the 3rd European comic-strip festival in Strasbourg, promising us too a 15th edition of the « Génie des alpages ». Let’s prepare ourselves for a treat…

A. Pettman